*E-Scrap only accepted at Fort Smith Facility*

Electronic equipment makes our world comfortable and productive but when it wears out it becomes part of the fastest-growing component of our solid waste stream. Please do not deposit E-scrap in our local landfills, as this can release the hazardous materials (heavy metals such as lead, mercury, nickel, and chromium) that are contained within the electronics into the environment. We partner with the Sebastian County Solid Waste District to provide an environmentally safe method of disposal.

You can recycle electronics to be disassembled so that we can re-use the material components. This will reduce the need for raw materials and natural resources that are already limited as they are. 

The following are examples of E-scrap: TVs, VCRs, DVD Players, Cell Phones, Computers, Components & Accessories, iPads, iPods, MP3s, Tablets, E-Readers, Fax, Copying & Scanning Machines, Telephones, Answering Machines, Clocks, Radios, Cameras, Audio-Visual & Sound Equipment, Gaming Equipment, Hand Held Games & Toys, Most Any Micro-chip Technology, Equipment Scrap, Computer Plastics, Metals, Cords, Rechargeable Batteries