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 E Scrap

Electronic equiptment makes our world comfortable and productive but when it wears out it becomes part of the fastest growing componemt of our solid waste stream.  We partner with the Sebastian county solid waste district to provide an environmentally safe method of disposal



Davis Iron and Metal is fully licensed and insured to conduct on-site demolition and scrap disposal. We are the only regional company qualified to handle large scale and specialized projects such as the clean out and tear down of factories, farms, water towers, power plants, military, railroad scrap and more.  We will be happy to provide a Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Stop Scrap Theft

Davis Iron and Metal has led the way in combating scrap metal theft by implementing a system involving identification scanners, digital cameras, biometric signatures and fingerprint scanning years before being required by the state.  We work closely with state and local law enforcement to catch thieves- including illegal scrap recyclers.  We also work side by side with city, county and state officials to help shape regulations regarding recycling in Arkansas.

Glass Recycling

In an effort to keep more recyclables out of our landfill, in late 2011 Davis Iron & Metal began a program to to bring glass recycling to our area.  We accept all colors of glass.  The recycled glass is then used to make new glass bottles and fiberglass insulation.  For every truckload of glass we recycle, Owens Corning donates new insulation to be used by non profit organizations in our community.


​We have worked with many of our customers to help their facility reduce their carbon footprint and become "greener" by educating them on recycling options and tailoring specific programs to them.  We also work closely with Sebastian County Solid Waste District and the City of Fort Smith Landfill to improve both recycling and waste management in our area.

Quotes and Analysis

We have the ability to conduct on-site material alloy analysis of material to help our customers better understand the scrap that they produce.  We can also check for trace amounts of radiation in scrap material. These analyses are done at the customer's request and at no charge.  We cannot accurately quote online, Please call or contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Davis Iron and Metal has a large fleet of specialized vehicles and a variety of containers that enable us to find the right fit for each customer.  We will conduct an onsite visit to evaluate the individual needs of each customer.   We have a customer specific 24/7 email system to better service accounts with a bin exchange within 24 hours of receiving the request. 

​Metal Collection and Recycling

Every day, the general public and small haul recyclers play an essential role in recovering and transporting scrap metal to our recycling facilities.  We look forward to your visit and we work hard to provide you with the best in customer service.  We aim to provide you with a welcoming and efficient experience.  Our scales are state certified and routinely calibrated, ensuring you load is always weighed fairly so you get the most for your material.