Not only does recycling conserve our limited natural resources, it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by significantly saving the amount of energy needed to manufacture the products that we buy, build and use every day.  The energy saved by recycling may then be used for other purposes, such as heating our homes and powering our automobiles. 

           1 Car                                                           8,811 lbs                                            502 gallons of gasoline

           1 Refrigerator                                              566 lbs                                              36 gallons of gasoline

           1 Computer & CRT Monitor                    404 lbs                                              27 gallons of gasoline

           1 Washing Machine                                   397 lbs                                              24 gallons of gasoline

           4 Tires                                                          323 lbs                                              18 gallons of gasoline

           ​1 Television                                                   81 lbs                                                8 gallons of gasoline

         10 lbs of Aluminum Cans                            16 lbs                                                 7 gallons of gasoline

          10 lbs of Corrugated                                   40 lbs                                                 2 gallons of gasoline

                                                     Reduces Greenhouse Gas                  Which is Energy

      Recycling                  Emissions by (CO2 Equivalent)             Equivalent of

Recycling Saves  Energy

Our Team

We believe that our commitment to superior service is what ultimately gives Davis Iron & Metal a clear advantage over "the Other Guys".  We refuse to ever tell a customer "No".  Many customers approach us with a variety of questions and needs we believe that it is our job to work alongside you to find the best solution.  

​Back in the 1970's, Davis Iron & Metal was the first recycler of scrap aluminum beverage cans in Arkansas.  We were among the first to offer recycling of electronic scrap material and as of 2014 we are the only glass recycler in the state of Arkansas.


Davis Iron & Metal knows you have a choice when it comes to servicing your recycling needs. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to a great relationship for years to come.

Davis Iron and Metal is among the oldest scrap recyclers in Arkansas.  We service accounts all over Arkansas and Oklahoma and have customers in Missouri, Kansas, Texas and Louisiana.


Davis Iron and Metal is one of the founding members of the Arkansas Recyclers Association (ARA)- which is among the oldest recycling associations in the country.  The ARA is made up of legal, responsible businesses in the recycling and manufacturing sectors. We work side by side with city, county and state officials and law enforcement to help shape recycling regulations and fight scrap metal theft.  We are also long-standing members of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).  ISRI is a worldwide trade organization made of recyclers,brokers,mills,manufacturers, etc.  Members of the Davis Iron & Metal family have served many terms on the ISRI chapter Board of Directors, as well as serve on Government relations and Education committees.

In 2012 Carl Davis, founder of Davis Iron & Metal, was awarded the Individual Arkansas Recycler of the Year from the Arkansas Recyclers Coalition.

Long-term Business